VoIP Phone Service has been revolutionizing the telecommunications industry for more than a decade and now typically don’t need much in the way of equipment to implement VoIP Phone Service. With so many choices out there, executives and high-level IT personnel must carefully research VoIP Phone Service providers before deciding on the correct phone system for their organization. VoIP Phone Service providers offer different solutions depending on how much the organization is willing to spend on VoIP Phone Service. In general, VoIP Phone Service for business utilizes three VoIP Phone Service providers – SIP VoIP Phone Service, PC to Phone (PSTX) and PC to Computer (PC to Computer) – each offering a unique set of features and benefits.

VoIP Phone Service

VoIP Phone Service providers usually offer an array of features for businesses ranging from features that manage the quality of customer calls to those that help businesses reduce overhead expenses. Business VoIP Phone Service providers typically charge for their services based on the number of hours of talk time a VoIP Phone Service provider plans to provide to its customers. Many VoIP Phone Service providers also include features such as call recording, call forwarding, call waiting and Caller ID with VoIP Phone Service. Most VoIP Phone Service providers offer unlimited calling plans to businesses and dependable call routing systems that route all customer calls to the appropriate parties in real-time.

Some of the more popular VoIP Phone Service providers include RingCentral, ViaTalk and IP Centrex. RingCentral provides hosted VoIP Phones and manages VoIP Phone Service for businesses and home users. VoIP Phones hosted by RingCentral is managed through a server that receives calls using a conventional telephone adapter and then converts the calls to VoIP format. A variety of standard features such as call recording, call waiting, call forwarding and caller ID are available for VoIP Phone Service Hosted by RingCentral. VoIP Phone Service provided by RingCentral is scalable to accommodate thousands of calls at a low cost.

ViaTalk is another provider of hosted VoIP Phone Service for businesses. ViaTalk has been around for several years and it offers competitive pricing along with features that simplify business phone systems. ViaTalk provides unlimited calling plans, ringtones and free VoIP minutes. Unlike many VoIP Phone Service providers, there is no long distance fee for calls made via a VoIP Phone Service provided by ViaTalk.

The best VoIP Phone Service for small businesses is provided by Mobitex, which currently provides five different plans starting at just $8 a month. The first plan offers unlimited local calls to residential numbers and unlimited calls to toll-free numbers. Mobitex also has a mobile app that allows users to make and receive calls on their smartphones, tablets and computers.

There is several other VoIP Phone Service Providers that offers mobile apps. For example VoIP Phone Service provided by RingCentral has an easy to use mobile app that allows customers to make VoIP calls right from their cell phones. Business owners who use teleconferencing can benefit from the availability of the RingCentral App. This enables them to connect with their entire office network at the same time.

In order to take advantage of VoIP Phone Service for small businesses, business owners need to sign up as VoIP Phone Service providers with RingCentral. Businesses can choose from the Basic or Business bundles, which provide the most basic features and functions. Advanced packages are more feature-rich and include features such as voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, call conferencing and more. Business phone lines are tied into a VoIP service using an internet connection, so there is no need for cables or DSL.

VoIP Phone Service for small businesses is especially useful for those whose offices are located in out-of-the-way areas where they cannot get connected to a commercial VoIP service. With VoIP Phone Service for small businesses, such businesses can use broadband Internet to make VoIP calls from their smartphones, tablets and computers. This allows these businesses to cut costs and expand their business reach. By eliminating extra wiring, VoIP Phone Service for small businesses cuts costs associated with long-distance phone calls. Small businesses also have the option to go completely mobile by eliminating their need for a traditional landline telephone. With the proper VoIP Phone Service for a small business, these businesses can continue to run efficiently while saving money on long-distance and international calls.