Blazon Solutions Retail and Wholesale VoIP service provider

2016 – When It all started I OUR STORY

The VoIP solutions we offer today began with an idea in 2016. We were only a small group of ambitious individuals with considerable knowledge in Telecom. The benefits of VoIP were not as clearly understood back then as it is now. We believed in the bigger picture, we started out confidently to build a futuristic Telecom company and named it, Blazon Solutions.

We had a clear concept and a business strategy in mind. We used our knowledge to create cheap and reliable VoIP service packages and built our brand gradually. The success of Blazon Solutions is the result of smart work and consistency. We love doing what we do. We believe in eliminating complexity and transforming the process of communication and interaction in your business.
TODAY- We were servicing internationally I OUR ACHIEVEMENTS

By 2018 we had obtained our own AS numbers with APNIC, RIPE and we currently have tie-ups with multiple IP Transit service providers across several countries. We now offer customizable quotes and develop service packages according to the requirements of our clients. We offer 24×7 support and instantly respond to our client’s queries.

We provide retail, wholesale, call center, hosted VoIP systems, and network solution services today. Businesses from across the globe get in touch with us for A-Z CC CLI, CLI and Non-CLI routes. We make it easy and free of any kind of technical interruption. We’re servicing internationally, so no matter which country you’re in we can service your business.

Wholesale VOIP

We offer highly competitive Voice over IP (VoIP) wholesale prices across the globe. A variety of routing plans help us to offer the best packages and you can chose the one that suits you best.

Retail VOIP

At Blazon, we serve our clients with top-quality VoIP retail solutions. You can be sure that you would receive best-in-class service at unbeatable prices. We also serve A-Z terminations for VoIP providers.

Call Center

Marginalize the operational costs of your business with hosted call centers featuring accelerated call flow. We also offer 24×7 customer support throughout the year in case you need help with anything.

Dailer Termination

Dialer Termination routes a phone call from one telephone provider to the next. We provide the most reliable Dialer Termination service in the country. Get ready for a crystal-clear VoIP phone service.


CLI (Caller ID) is one of the most important features in VoIP. With CLI when you make a call, the person receiving your call on the other end can recognize the number to be yours. This helps to eliminate the doubt of scam and the chances of your calls getting received are doubled.

Network Solutions

We are also adept at software development. We use open source technology like Linux / MySQL and PHP for IT related projects so that you can avail our secure and uninterrupted VoIP service 24×7.

We offer premium high quality call center routes with a stable performance. You get (CLI/ DTMF/ IVR / FAX Features) and our 24/7 Technical Support service. At Blazon, we take pride in ensuring the best customer support by trained reps. You would be assisted to use our latest equipment and software. The process of setting up a virtual service or any other service of ours is made easy.

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