MeWe – The Next-Gen Social Media Network & Your Online Privacy, APCUG Wednesday Workshop 5-26-21

MeWe, the Next-Gen Social Media Network; a secure alternative to Facebook with Mike Ungerman, Central Florida Computer Society past president. No ads – no spyware – your life is not 4-sale.

Online Privacy by Joe Kissell, Publisher & Author, T. Take Control Books. Joe’s VTC presentation maxed out at 100 attendees with many not having an opportunity to get a ‘seat’ so we thought we would offer it again since security is always a timely topic. Nowadays, it can be difficult to complete ordinary activities without placing your personal data online, but having your data online puts you at risk for theft, embarrassment, and all manner of trouble. Joe’s presentation covers practical advice that we need to handle common online privacy problems and how to develop a sensible online privacy strategy, customized for our needs.

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