How VoIP Works (& Why Your Business NEEDS It)

In this video, we explain how VoIP works in simple terms and reveal why so many businesses use VoIP every day. What makes Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) so special is that calls are made over the internet, and not your traditional phone company. VoIP also provides a ton of useful features not typically available… Continue reading How VoIP Works (& Why Your Business NEEDS It)

What Is a VoIP Phone (+ How it Works)

Remote work is on the rise, which means more businesses are ditching their traditional phone systems and moving to VoIP phones. VoIP, known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, allows users to make phone calls, launch video conferences, and send messages via an internet connection. It removes the need for expensive and outdated physical lines. In… Continue reading What Is a VoIP Phone (+ How it Works)

Simple Explanation of VoIP

a basic, simple explanation of VoIP for a non-technical person. Voice Over IP is rapidly changing the landscape of voice telecommunications. The driving factor is how cheap it is relative to traditional phone services. Roughly half the cost or less! Plus, VoIP is so much more powerful and agile than traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone… Continue reading Simple Explanation of VoIP